Update: Checker Has A Blacklist, Express Check, Test Drive & It’s 10 Times Faster

Just a couple of months after we’ve presented Checker to the public, we’re happy to announce a prominent update.

As always, our goal was to make your experience faster and smoother, while improving the functional side.


Checker is 10 times faster.

When you’re handling more than 100 offers a day (less, even), you’d want every process to be as fast as possible. Hence, this update.

We’ve discovered and utilized a way to even further improve our algorithm of link analysis. So, if you thought that Checker was fast already, how would you like it now, when it’s 10 times faster.


API express check

API Checker’s new feature – express check – scans up to 2000 offers in under 60 seconds.

By design API Checker is meant to run consistently, regularly testing offers. There are times, however, when the job needs to be done faster, and the recurring strategy won’t work.

Having in mind our clients’ priorities, we’ve added an express check feature to Checker.

In cases when you have some overeager publishers requesting offers ASAP, you can run an express check and have the results for more than 1000 links in a minute. The publisher in question wouldn’t have the time to finish off their white chocolate mocha.

Or when you have a bunch of offers from a new partner that you need to check really fast to make the right decision.


API test-drive

See how it works before purchasing.

If you consider requesting the API version of Checker, you might want to have a test drive first. Follow the directions from our tech documentation and run your 25 free checks, fast and easy.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you need a tiny thing done, but you have to wait hours from the tech team to get started? Won’t happen here, as you don’t even need any reply from us to fire up the process.

Bear in mind that here we talk about checks as opposed to calls, so it’s 25 thoroughly tested links that you get as a result.

API blacklist

Get notified of the unwanted domains within your offers.

If you suddenly feel like you don’t want to continue cooperating with one of the domains, you can simply terminate the partnership and stop accepting their offers.

But what if they’re hiding in the chain of redirects? Prior to this update, you’d have to check every offer to see if any of the undesired partners are in the chain. Imagine, how much time you’d spend looking through each of a 100, 1000, 25000 links?

Now you can just add the unwanted domains to the Blacklist and get notified if any of them appear in the offers you’re running. We’re sure your quality control department has more important things to do.

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