Affiliate Marketing Events You Must Visit In 2019

Affiliate marketing is changing all the time, transforming the affiliate industry on the go. Keeping up with the latest trends and technologies is a constant challenge. For the time being, there is no better way for both networking and learning than attending affiliate marketing conferences and events.

 We’ve compiled a list of the top performance marketing summits of 2019, along with the reasons to choose them over many others.

Affiliate Summit West 2019

This year’s global performance marketing event will take place on January 6-8 at Paris Las Vegas.

  • 6000+ attendees from 80 countries;
  • a panel dedicated to trends, analysis, and challenges;
  • a variety of networking events.

Come here to meet publishers, traffic sources, advertisers, brands, networks, agencies, Ad Tech solution providers, and industry experts.

London Affiliate Conference

The 13th annual conference will capture our undivided attention for four days from 6th to 9th this February.

  • 5200+ attendees;
  • free entry to the iGB Affiliate Awards;
  • famous sports stars, celebrity quiz show competitions, and all day dance battles;

Check out the 2018th LAC here:

Traffic & Conversion Summit 2019

From 25-27 February, San Diego (CA) will welcome affiliate masterminds from all over the globe.

  • 6000+ attendees;
  • 7 different tracks for digital retailers, digital advertisers, content marketers, conversational marketers, & growth hackers.

Check out the agenda to make sure you’ll get something out of this year’s events. That aside, you wouldn’t want to miss out on a myriad of networking opportunities, would you?

DigiMarCon East 2019

One of the 12 annual DigiMarCon events will take place on 9-10 March at the Marriott Marquis, New York.

  • learn about the latest trends in brand amplification, digital engagement, customer loyalty, and social media;
  • get plenty of time and opportunity to meet your peers, mingle, and network.

Affiliate Summit Europe 2019

This year the affiliate conference will take place at RAI in Amsterdam on 12-14 March.

  • this year the event will open with the Affiliate Summit Meet Market, followed by the two-day Exhibit Hall;
  • the advisory board includes experiences marketers from Bud, Adidas, Optimise, HSBC, and The Telegraph.

You can get a free copy of the previous event here.

Moscow Affiliate Conference

The largest Russian affiliate conference to attend organized by STM we all know and… love. This year it will happen on 9-10 April.

  • 3000 attendees;
  • top experts panel discussion;

Time machine-ish video of 2018 event:

Nordic Affiliate Conference 2019

If you’re in the affiliate business AND are eager to visit Stockholm, this is a marketing conference to attend on 27-28 April 2019.

  • the lounge-style event will enable delegates to network in a more intimate and fluid way.

Affiliate World Europe 2019

This gathering of influential affiliates and e-commerce marketers will take place on 8-9 July 2019 under the warm sun of Barcelona, Spain.

“It’s one of the best places to go to learn. If you want to learn cutting-edge tactics, this is the place to go” — Neil Patel.

Among the speakers are Greta Van Riel, Founder & Partner, SkinnyMe Tea, Fifth Watches, Hey Influencers; Neil Patel, Co-founder, Crazy Egg & Hello Bar, and Charles Ngo, Affiliate Expert & CEO, AFFcelerator.

iGB Live 2019

iGB Live! 2019 will be held on 16 – 19 July 2019 at the RAI in Amsterdam.

Although it’s only the second iGB Live conference, the 2018th event has proven to be one of the prominent marketing conferences to attend in the gaming industry.

If gaming vertical is your thing — stay tuned for our ultimate guide that is coming later in January.

Affiliate Summit East 2019

The East version of this significant annual event will take place in New York on 11-12 August.

With 15 years of history, ASE provides sessions on the latest industry issues, staying of the most productive networking occurrence for affiliate marketers.


PI LIVE will welcome over 3000 attendees from the world of performance and affiliate marketing for a jam-packed 2 days on 22 – 23 October. Network with thousands of the industry’s best whilst discovering the current trends. Co-located with Influencer Marketing Show. Previously attended by Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Check out the 2018 Conference here:


Taking place in Cologne, Germany on 11-12 December, Dmexco defines the future of digital marketing on a global scale. And it’s easy to see why.

  • 40000 visitors, 1100 exhibitors, 500 speakers;
  • a full ecosystem of seminars, debates, and exposition.

Part of the event’s mission is to be “the meeting place for industry professionals at all levels, where ideas become actions”.

Affiliate World Asia 2019

Next December in Bangkok, Thailand, the largest affiliate conference of Asia will take place.

The specific dates will be available later this year.

Visit for latest performance marketing for the region, networking opportunities with affiliates and partners.

NEXT BLOCK ASIA 2.0 “Affiliate Marketing In The Age Of Crypto”

The upcoming iteration of NEXT BLOCK ASIA 2.0 “Affiliate Marketing in the Age of Crypto” is set to revisit Bangkok, this time bringing together experts from crypto and affiliate space to discuss synergies and future outlook for 2020.

The conference will be a one-day event preceding the Affiliate World Conferences and will include engaging panels and discussions leading up to the mega event. The event will be celebrated by a tremendously successful ASIA FASHION TV PARTY.

So, what do you think about our list? Do you have an event in mind that has to be included? We’re planning on attending most of these events, so let’s meet up soon!

Digital Marketing Trends To Watch In 2019

Seasons may change, winter to spring, but digital marketing mutates way faster. That said, some trends seem to stick and those are the ones that truly transform the way we promote our products and services. According to our research, 2019 is to be taken over by the following tendencies.

Optimizing for voice search

Siri, Alexa, Google Home, and whatnot are slowly, yet steadily, taking over the way we look for information. Do you remember Siri’s witty answers to the “Jon Snow: dead or alive?” questions? Well, now we use voice assistance for much more than funny comebacks.

It is a whole universe of new possibilities and requirements.

Image credit: Purna Virji with Bing data

What to do:

  • optimize your marketing campaigns for more natural speech patterns;
  • take into consideration the longer keywords;
  • if you’re running a blog, create some articles with direct answers your audience might ask, as in “What digital marketing trends should I watch in 2019?”;
  • add more visual, easy-to-digest content, which will allow users to make decisions on-the-go.

Overall, when prospective partners search for industry insights, you want to be the one providing information tailored to voice search as well as general SEO.


Data-driven digital strategies

We’ve already made our point on how important it is to know your statistics when it comes to running affiliate business. Digital strategies, regardless of the industry, require the same efforts to work like a clock.

From Google Analytics to Mixpanel and Amplitude to Orangear, data has finally gained the status of a foundation stone. And if you still find this activity impractical, you’re losing the game.

What to do:

  • set clear goals of your digital presence;
  • decide on KPIs and keep them in mind all the time;
  • depending on your KPIs choose respective analytical tools;
  • track the results for each instance of activity to measure success;
  • make sufficient changes to your digital tactics/strategy.

Seems like a piece of cake, yet we tend to forget about it once the workload reaches certain levels.

Remember that if you want to come across as a reliable partner, your digital presence has to be consistent throughout all the channels.

Creative native advertising

More than 4 billion people have access to the internet. Imagine that at least half of them is already sick and tired of the ads. If we don’t want to end up in one of the Black Mirror episodes, where we have to actually force people to watch the advertisements, things have to change.

Image credit: Netflix

What to do:

  • spend MORE time on TA research;
  • be honest with your customers and partners;
  • employ User Generated Content (short video reviews work like magic!);
  • reach out to the influencers of your industry for both insights and partnerships.

And yeah, don’t forget about creativity to win your audience’s attention. Just like Netflix did, promoting Altered Carbon with actual scientific research data.

Push Ads

Be sure to employ Push Ads to serve your needs. They seem to become more popular as we are writing this article. And it makes sense! This format is less intrusive and easily adaptive to any type of inventory.

According to the Leanplum study, personalization is the key to amplified open rates.

What to do:

  • know when not to push — your users are likely to be annoyed by old news or hourly notifications;
  • create and convey value — make sure each of your messages is what your customer needs;
  • employ visual content;
  • personalize.


Video Ads

Yes, that’s right. Visual advertising is still on. Especially when it comes to so-called Snack Ads — videos under 10 seconds that can tell a story, evoke emotions and even change minds. Easy to digest, these pieces of content entertain as well as they inform.

What to do:

  • come up with a video strategy — decide on the story you want to tell with this tool;
  • use various types of video content, from scenario-based HQ visuals to stories on social platforms;
  • create shorter, simple videos that can be view on the go and can inspire action.

Engaging the viewer is a tough task as with each second new video content is being delivered through multiple channels.

The overall trend is being smart:

  • catch up to the latest technologies;
  • do your homework by in-depth analysis and data research;
  • stay honest to your partners and customers;
  • continue with the personalized approach;
  • employ creativity and new possibilities of the digital era.

Update: Checker Has A Blacklist, Express Check, Test Drive & It’s 10 Times Faster

Just a couple of months after we’ve presented Checker to the public, we’re happy to announce a prominent update.

As always, our goal was to make your experience faster and smoother, while improving the functional side.


Checker is 10 times faster.

When you’re handling more than 100 offers a day (less, even), you’d want every process to be as fast as possible. Hence, this update.

We’ve discovered and utilized a way to even further improve our algorithm of link analysis. So, if you thought that Checker was fast already, how would you like it now, when it’s 10 times faster.


API express check

API Checker’s new feature – express check – scans up to 2000 offers in under 60 seconds.

By design API Checker is meant to run consistently, regularly testing offers. There are times, however, when the job needs to be done faster, and the recurring strategy won’t work.

Having in mind our clients’ priorities, we’ve added an express check feature to Checker.

In cases when you have some overeager publishers requesting offers ASAP, you can run an express check and have the results for more than 1000 links in a minute. The publisher in question wouldn’t have the time to finish off their white chocolate mocha.

Or when you have a bunch of offers from a new partner that you need to check really fast to make the right decision.


API test-drive

See how it works before purchasing.

If you consider requesting the API version of Checker, you might want to have a test drive first. Follow the directions from our tech documentation and run your 25 free checks, fast and easy.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you need a tiny thing done, but you have to wait hours from the tech team to get started? Won’t happen here, as you don’t even need any reply from us to fire up the process.

Bear in mind that here we talk about checks as opposed to calls, so it’s 25 thoroughly tested links that you get as a result.

API blacklist

Get notified of the unwanted domains within your offers.

If you suddenly feel like you don’t want to continue cooperating with one of the domains, you can simply terminate the partnership and stop accepting their offers.

But what if they’re hiding in the chain of redirects? Prior to this update, you’d have to check every offer to see if any of the undesired partners are in the chain. Imagine, how much time you’d spend looking through each of a 100, 1000, 25000 links?

Now you can just add the unwanted domains to the Blacklist and get notified if any of them appear in the offers you’re running. We’re sure your quality control department has more important things to do.

How To Launch Your Own Ad Network

Curious fact: Amazon has been the first company, that we know of, to use this type of marketing back in 1996, when it started its associate program.

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer considering a leap in the career or an entrepreneur choosing an industry for a new business, here’s a couple of things to bear in mind before you make decisions to make it happen.

The main reason to contemplate starting your own affiliate network is the numerous possibilities it can bring. And 2018 seems like the best time to get on with it, as the previous year became The Year for mobile advertising:

  • the industry has been forecasted to reach $6.8 billion by 2020;
  • digital marketing sales outgrew the TV’s for the first time in history;
  • mobile advertising was responsible for over a half of total digital ad sales –– also a first.

The challenges you will face on the way to creating a successful affiliate network:

  • deploying and customizing a platform; 

Consider yourself lucky, if you already have both front-end and back-end developers, as well as designers and content creators. Otherwise, this is a step that is going to take a huge bite off of your budget and time.

  • managing your own team;

Andrew is a colleague of yours, who has proven his loyalty, intelligence and efficiency. You trust him.

Alex is a bright newcomer of the month, your unpolished gem. He is yet to prove himself to you.

Would you give both of them the same level of access to the platform? Definitely, no. You need to think of those little things when creating your own network to avoid difficulties in the future.

  • manage your billing process;

Publishers are billing you, you are billing advertisers. You need to keep track of who owes whom to earn your partners’ trust and make sure everything’s paid on time as well as all the bills are issued without delay.

  • reaching publishers and finding performing offers;

This is where it gets especially tricky. Without enough performing offers, you can’t get publishers with efficient inventories and vice versa. Quite a common practice for a new affiliate network is to start with publishers, buying their inventories to later sell it to advertisers. The problem is that many ad agencies and even direct advertisers wouldn’t want to have many small deals on their hands, so to attract them you will need to have a decent amount of inventories available. Needless to say that it’s a huge risk as there is no guarantee that you will be able to get this money back.

  • figuring out fraud protection system to keep your partners satisfied;

Fraud is a more than just a common concept for the digital world. The only way to avoid it is to go offline and if you’re not ready for that, then you have to be prepared to lose money. Here’s just a couple of types of malicious actions in affiliate marketing to look out for: ad stacking/hiding ads, click farms, ad injection, cookie stuffing, traffic fraud, domain spoofing. It’s a whole industry, the sole aim of which is to fool us all. To identify and fight back you will need a reliable anti-fraud tool and sit down to monitor, monitor, monitor…

The easiest way to tick most of the boxes above within an hour is to create your network using a SaaS platform with broad functionality.

Creating Orangear, we’ve communicated with our current partners to find out their needs and challenges they had faced launching their businesses. The result is the platform that is suitable for existing networks and can be a saving grace for those who just planning to launch.

This is how we meet our clients’ needs.

Start easy.

Build and customize your network in under an hour using our templates and parameters.

Manage profoundly.

Appoint roles to all the counterparts to manage their access to your network.

Customize your dashboard to visualize data and get quick insights into your business flow.

Benefit from our ready-to-use automated billing solution.

Grow wisely.

Scale your business without loosing in quality with BI module, featuring predictions, strong statistics, and sharp analytics.

Take advantage of our high-level fraud protection to provide quality and gain trust from your partners.

Reach direct advertisers through the rebrokering chain, check offers in real-time to make sure all of them are available.

Interview With Regaming Affiliate Network

Regaming is one of our first partners, who were intrigued enough with Orangear possibilities to apply for beta-testing. We’ve decided to sit down with their Director of Advertiser Relations to discuss some questions, that we usually get asked by future partners.

Why did Regmaing choose Orangear as a platform?

Our representatives’ first meeting took place at a digital conference. A long story short: the Orangear team was looking for beta-testers and we were lucky enough to qualify. That’s where it all started. It was and still is, a great experience, filled with fixes, new features, and constant communication. We’ve both learned a lot from the partnership and I believe this is just a beginning.

What is the first thing you noticed about the platform that impressed you?

It’s especially important for newbies, but even if you’re just switching platforms, this is something you perceive straight away. Orangear is extremely user-friendly. If you’ve had previous experience with affiliate platforms it will take under an hour to get the gist of it and start being productive. Time is money and no one wants to lose either. So it’s crucial to have a quick start whether you’re creating a completely new network or integrating an existing one.

A part of that apprehensibility is due to a number of smart suggestions that make the whole process a lot easier for new users. These tips help a lot when you add new advertisers and publishers to the system for the first time. There’s a big difference between giving verbal instructions to your new colleagues (and receiving a lot of questions regardless) and letting them explore the system with the help of those little pieces of advice and recommendations.

In your opinion, what are the features that can really make a difference for an affiliate network?

There’s a lot of automation going on. As we have a number of trusted advertisers and publishers, it’s really handy to automatically receive and distribute offers through API. All you need to do is to set all restrictions once and then just supervise the system once in a while. And everything is really agile, so depending on how assured you are of the offers’ quality, you can fully automate the process or, for example, leave it to your managers to approve each offer them when they get into the system. There’s also the opportunity to create whitelists for each advertiser, to make sure even the most demanding clients are satisfied.

As these features free our time, we get to polish our performance and achieve better results together with our partners.

Any tips for networks that are just starting their journey with Orangear?

I guess the most important thing is to dig into every customizable setup. Make sure you’ve got a clear view of all the things you can do with the platform. If you think you’re missing out on something, support can always give you a hand. There are many features in Orangear that allow you to easily integrate it with your own network, starting from helpful tips to various automation opportunities. So just dig in and benefit from every bit of it.

Is there a room for improvement?

There was a drastic problem with fraud detection some time ago. We had to do a lot of manual research and it was nasty. Now it’s all fixed and running, and it’s a good thing because anyone working in this industry knows how bad it can get without a working anti-fraud solution.

All in all, we’re happy with this partnership and look forward to new useful features Orangear team likes to surprise us with.