Interview: MotorMobile Network On Checker

It’s evident that every affiliate network uses various tools to make sure the offers are what they’ve got to be — performing, active, and hopefully direct.

MotorMobile is a digital performance marketing network from Las Vegas, USA. Bringing prominent results to its clients, they’ve already gained trust from both advertisers and publishers all over the world. MotorMobile focuses on app installs, mobile subscriptions, and lead generation.

I assume you’ve been testing your offers since the day 1 and I know that now you use Checker for this purpose. What had been the process before that?

Oh well, we’ve used various tools from some really creative ones to manual ones that are similar to Checker. While everyone knows about the latter, I don’t think I am going to share a thing about the former. That was too creative at times 🙂 Regardless, we had little to no choice. We have many trustworthy long-term partners, but in this business, you can’t limit yourselves to those. No one wants to miss out.

Adding a new player to our “game” is always a risk, and the only way to minimize it is to be thorough with our checks.


Why Checker though? You’ve said it yourself there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

Well, we did meet at IMS this year, and the team was convincing enough. I guess, in our industry as it is in many others, personal contact means a lot.


What persuaded you?

We’ve been looking for a more automated way to scan the links for some time, and it just was the right moment to find out about API integration. As soon as we tried it, there’s just no way we’re going back to manual.


Have you been able to try the latest of our updates? Blacklist, express check?

We didn’t have a reason to use the express check yet, as we continuously run most of our offers through Checker. We were, however, very curious about the blacklist. There had been no problems with the partners, so we decided to test this new feature with our domain. You know, new players sometimes try cheating…

So we added our domain to the blacklist. Can you imagine the laugh we had when we caught 3! new advertisers on selling us our own offers? The audacity! Of course, that was the end of our partnership, because even when confronted with evidence 2 of them kept claiming it was a mistake.


That is, indeed, an unconventional way to use the blacklist, but we’re glad it helped.

It did and I’m sure there’s more to come.


What is your overall opinion on Checker?

So far it was a great experience. It checks thousands of our offers a day, and so long, there is no reason to complain. With the numbers of new publishers and advertisers that appear every day, I can’t see how anyone can run a business with decent or higher income if they don’t employ every possible verification method.


Would you mind sharing some of your plans for the nearest future? What lies ahead for MotorMobile?

Sure! Much of our efforts are directed into research, as we strive to reach the best mobile traffic and direct advertisers, app developers. MotorMobile aims to stay ahead, constantly improving our management skills as well as getting our hands on the latest tech developments, such as Checker. After 1.5 years of consistent growth and enhanced results, we’re steadily moving to the top of our niche. I’m not going to specify, but both CPA and CPM departments are soon to get our most close attention. Let’s see where it gets us!


Orangear team wishes you the best of luck and we hope you will reach your goals soon enough.

Thank you and the same goes for Orangear, of course.

Interview With Regaming Affiliate Network

Regaming is one of our first partners, who were intrigued enough with Orangear possibilities to apply for beta-testing. We’ve decided to sit down with their Director of Advertiser Relations to discuss some questions, that we usually get asked by future partners.

Why did Regmaing choose Orangear as a platform?

Our representatives’ first meeting took place at a digital conference. A long story short: the Orangear team was looking for beta-testers and we were lucky enough to qualify. That’s where it all started. It was and still is, a great experience, filled with fixes, new features, and constant communication. We’ve both learned a lot from the partnership and I believe this is just a beginning.

What is the first thing you noticed about the platform that impressed you?

It’s especially important for newbies, but even if you’re just switching platforms, this is something you perceive straight away. Orangear is extremely user-friendly. If you’ve had previous experience with affiliate platforms it will take under an hour to get the gist of it and start being productive. Time is money and no one wants to lose either. So it’s crucial to have a quick start whether you’re creating a completely new network or integrating an existing one.

A part of that apprehensibility is due to a number of smart suggestions that make the whole process a lot easier for new users. These tips help a lot when you add new advertisers and publishers to the system for the first time. There’s a big difference between giving verbal instructions to your new colleagues (and receiving a lot of questions regardless) and letting them explore the system with the help of those little pieces of advice and recommendations.

In your opinion, what are the features that can really make a difference for an affiliate network?

There’s a lot of automation going on. As we have a number of trusted advertisers and publishers, it’s really handy to automatically receive and distribute offers through API. All you need to do is to set all restrictions once and then just supervise the system once in a while. And everything is really agile, so depending on how assured you are of the offers’ quality, you can fully automate the process or, for example, leave it to your managers to approve each offer them when they get into the system. There’s also the opportunity to create whitelists for each advertiser, to make sure even the most demanding clients are satisfied.

As these features free our time, we get to polish our performance and achieve better results together with our partners.

Any tips for networks that are just starting their journey with Orangear?

I guess the most important thing is to dig into every customizable setup. Make sure you’ve got a clear view of all the things you can do with the platform. If you think you’re missing out on something, support can always give you a hand. There are many features in Orangear that allow you to easily integrate it with your own network, starting from helpful tips to various automation opportunities. So just dig in and benefit from every bit of it.

Is there a room for improvement?

There was a drastic problem with fraud detection some time ago. We had to do a lot of manual research and it was nasty. Now it’s all fixed and running, and it’s a good thing because anyone working in this industry knows how bad it can get without a working anti-fraud solution.

All in all, we’re happy with this partnership and look forward to new useful features Orangear team likes to surprise us with.