Digital Marketing Trends To Watch In 2019

Seasons may change, winter to spring, but digital marketing mutates way faster. That said, some trends seem to stick and those are the ones that truly transform the way we promote our products and services. According to our research, 2019 is to be taken over by the following tendencies.

Optimizing for voice search

Siri, Alexa, Google Home, and whatnot are slowly, yet steadily, taking over the way we look for information. Do you remember Siri’s witty answers to the “Jon Snow: dead or alive?” questions? Well, now we use voice assistance for much more than funny comebacks.

It is a whole universe of new possibilities and requirements.

Image credit: Purna Virji with Bing data

What to do:

  • optimize your marketing campaigns for more natural speech patterns;
  • take into consideration the longer keywords;
  • if you’re running a blog, create some articles with direct answers your audience might ask, as in “What digital marketing trends should I watch in 2019?”;
  • add more visual, easy-to-digest content, which will allow users to make decisions on-the-go.

Overall, when prospective partners search for industry insights, you want to be the one providing information tailored to voice search as well as general SEO.


Data-driven digital strategies

We’ve already made our point on how important it is to know your statistics when it comes to running affiliate business. Digital strategies, regardless of the industry, require the same efforts to work like a clock.

From Google Analytics to Mixpanel and Amplitude to Orangear, data has finally gained the status of a foundation stone. And if you still find this activity impractical, you’re losing the game.

What to do:

  • set clear goals of your digital presence;
  • decide on KPIs and keep them in mind all the time;
  • depending on your KPIs choose respective analytical tools;
  • track the results for each instance of activity to measure success;
  • make sufficient changes to your digital tactics/strategy.

Seems like a piece of cake, yet we tend to forget about it once the workload reaches certain levels.

Remember that if you want to come across as a reliable partner, your digital presence has to be consistent throughout all the channels.

Creative native advertising

More than 4 billion people have access to the internet. Imagine that at least half of them is already sick and tired of the ads. If we don’t want to end up in one of the Black Mirror episodes, where we have to actually force people to watch the advertisements, things have to change.

Image credit: Netflix

What to do:

  • spend MORE time on TA research;
  • be honest with your customers and partners;
  • employ User Generated Content (short video reviews work like magic!);
  • reach out to the influencers of your industry for both insights and partnerships.

And yeah, don’t forget about creativity to win your audience’s attention. Just like Netflix did, promoting Altered Carbon with actual scientific research data.

Push Ads

Be sure to employ Push Ads to serve your needs. They seem to become more popular as we are writing this article. And it makes sense! This format is less intrusive and easily adaptive to any type of inventory.

According to the Leanplum study, personalization is the key to amplified open rates.

What to do:

  • know when not to push — your users are likely to be annoyed by old news or hourly notifications;
  • create and convey value — make sure each of your messages is what your customer needs;
  • employ visual content;
  • personalize.


Video Ads

Yes, that’s right. Visual advertising is still on. Especially when it comes to so-called Snack Ads — videos under 10 seconds that can tell a story, evoke emotions and even change minds. Easy to digest, these pieces of content entertain as well as they inform.

What to do:

  • come up with a video strategy — decide on the story you want to tell with this tool;
  • use various types of video content, from scenario-based HQ visuals to stories on social platforms;
  • create shorter, simple videos that can be view on the go and can inspire action.

Engaging the viewer is a tough task as with each second new video content is being delivered through multiple channels.

The overall trend is being smart:

  • catch up to the latest technologies;
  • do your homework by in-depth analysis and data research;
  • stay honest to your partners and customers;
  • continue with the personalized approach;
  • employ creativity and new possibilities of the digital era.